You determine your ConOps, we offer the appropriate links.
We offer ultra-portable systems for missions where operator mobility is essential to complete ground stations that offer operational comfort for high endurance missions.
Our command stations allow drones to be controlled at short and very long distances and our radio link relays improve the performance of these stations, for optimal use of our professional drones. With robust and high-performance systems, Skydrone Robotics' link systems are the ideal solution to manage and optimize your aerial missions.

Handover 2

Light, rugged, portable and offering all the capabilities of piloting and mission programming, our command station will follow you on the most demanding terrains.
  • Hardened IP 64

    Hardened IP 64

  • 10 inch tablet

    10 inch tablet

  • Brightness 1000nits

    Brightness 1000nits

  • Multi-actuators


Kill-switch system

This high-security device from our R&D offices performs the drone's "kill-switch" function by acting on the FTS card. With its unique double-action button, it cuts the motor signals and triggers the parachute. Link and battery status are continuously monitored to ensure immediate device availability.
  • Hardened IP 64

    Hardened IP 64

  • Double action button

    Double action button

  • Permanent monitoring

    Permanent monitoring

Drone link MAX

This communication module is the heart of our ground-drone link device. The Drone Link manages the secure flow of telemetry data, video and command channels between ground stations and the multirotor.
  • Hardened IP 64

    Hardened IP 64

  • Secure link

    Secure link

  • Long range capable

    Long range capable

  • Multiple power supply

    Multiple power supply

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